Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can I dig up daffodils while they are in bloom?

Every year I want to dig up my daffodils and replant them in a more appropriate place. When I bought my house, they were just stuck all around. When I see them, I want to dig them up. When they hybernate, I don't know where they all are. If I dig them up now, will I kill them? thanks for responding.Can I dig up daffodils while they are in bloom?
its best to do it when they r hibernating but if u r planting them right-away after digging them up then go ahead and try . I would do it with just one or two first just to see.Can I dig up daffodils while they are in bloom?
You won't kill them, but if you what til they finish blooming and then dig up the stem and bulb-they get nutrients from the stem-

place them in a paper sack and put them in a cool lace til fall-before the 1st frost- and put them where you want them. YOu wil have daffodils blooming in the spring.
wait till fall to transplant %26amp; separate.
Yes you can dig them up. Depending on how large the plant is dig 2-4 inches away from the plant and make a '; mote'; around the plant. Then carefully dig deep under the plant and do not disurb the delicate roots. When replanting them, dig a hole 2 times the size of the roots and carefully place them in and cover with dirt. Hope this helps.
yes but it's not a good idea
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